2022 Elections for Board of Commissioners

In accordance with the Town of Manchester ordinances and the Bylaws of the Downtown Manchester Special Services District, the District will hold its biennial elections in the spring of 2022. Commissioners are elected by the constituents of the district – the property owners and business lessees within the boundaries of the District.

The Board of Commissioners is the executive body for the Downtown Manchester Special Services District. The Board governs the day-to-day operations of the District, makes administrative decisions and establishes or interprets policies of the District that are consistent with its purpose, intent and powers. Commissioners are elected for a two-year term by a majority vote of the members of the District during the Biennial Election.

The DMSSD invites property and business owners who would like to be considered for nomination to the DMSSD Board of Commissioners to contact a member of the DMSSD Nominating Committee prior to Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

Members of the Nominating Committee include:
John Tunila, Esq., Diana, Conti & Tunila, LLP – Phone: 860 643-218
Nick DuBaldo, Beller’s Music– Phone: 860 649-2036; nick@dubaldomusic.com
Joe Lipiner, Frame Dimensions – Phone: 860-649-6939; joe@framedimensions.com

An overview of the process by which the Biennial Elections to the Board of Commissioners can be found below. Please feel free to contact the DMSSD office at dmssd@manchesterct.gov with any questions regarding either the nominations or election process. We look forward to your participation.


Call for Nominations
No less then 90 days before the Biennial Election Meeting the Downtown Manchester Special Services District (DMSSD) provides written notice to its members that it is seeking nominations to the Board of Commissioners.

Eligibility to be Nominated
In accordance with Article II Chapter 285 of the Town of Manchester Code of Ordinances the following are eligible to be nominated to serve on the board of commissioners.

Property Owners
The holder of record of the taxable interest in property as defined in the definition of “property”.

“Property” is defined in the Ordinance as “Real property within the district that is identified in the tax records of the Town of Manchester as a parcel of land and/or building or which constitutes an individual condominium unit as shown on the records of the Assessor’s office of the Town of Manchester.”

• If a property is owned by individuals – only those individuals listed as owner(s) of property in the Town records are eligible. If a property is owned by two or more individuals, only one of those individuals may be on the ballot.

• If a property is owned by an LLC – As a general rule, the “Members” or ”Manager-Members” of the LLC are the individuals who “own” the LLC and are therefore the owners of the property. The Secretary of State records are used to confirm the legal existence of the LLC and the “Members” and “Member-Managers” who make-up the LLC. If this info cannot be obtained thru the Secretary of State the property owner will be asked to provide a copy of the Articles of Organization for the LLC.

• If a property is owned by a corporation, partnership or trust – Nominees will be asked to provide a written confirmation from the entity by way of a partner, officer or trustee that the individual to be listed on the ballot is an authorized representative of the corporation, partnership or trust.

Lessees of Property
“A tenant occupying and in possession of premises located in the property in the district.”

Selection of Proposed Slate of Nominees
The DMSSD Nominating Committee receives nominations and selects a proposed slate of nominees. The proposed slate is mailed to all property and business owners located within the District no less then 60 days before the Biennial Election Meeting.

Provision for Addition of Names to the Slate of Nominees
Should a member of the DMSSD who has expressed an interest in standing for election not be selected by the Nominating Committee to be placed on the proposed slate of nominees, the interested individual may submit to the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners a writing
– more –
signed by 20 individual members of the DMSSD in support of his/her nomination. Said document must be delivered to the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the DMSSD not less then 45 days before the Biennial Election Meeting.

The DMSSD shall send a ballot to each member not less then 30 days before the Biennial Election Meeting listing the names of all nominees. Each member shall be sent one ballot for each taxable interest in property that the member owns and one ballot for each business operated by the member as a business lessee.

On each ballot the member may vote for not more then five property owners and two business lessees. The member may cast only one vote for any one nominee on each ballot.

The member may cast his/her ballot by attending the Biennial Election Meeting or may cast the ballot in advance of the meeting by delivering it to the DMSSD office not less then 24 hours before the Biennial Election meeting.

All ballots shall be tabulated at the Biennial Election Meeting. The five nominated property owners who receive the highest vote count shall be elected commissioners. The two nominated business lessees who receive the highest vote count shall be elected commissioners. The remaining nominee with the highest vote count, whether property owner or business lessee, shall be elected Alternate. In order to insure broad representation of the District, no more then one nominee shall be elected from a property address as defined in Chapter 285-16 of the Town of Manchester Code of Ordinance.