Scarecrow #8

Bistro MACCinator Created by Bistro on Main & MACC Charities

Food Insecurities beware! The Bistro MACCinator is taking you down!

The Bistro MACCinator is out to fight food insecurities through building partnerships to break cycles of poverty in our community. At the Bistro on Main, her super-chef powers bring delicious food to hungry diners. She doesn’t stop there, Bistro is a social enterprise of MACC charities and through this partnership, the MACCinator provides transitional training and employment to aspiring chefs and waitstaff.

And yet, she does even MORE for her community! When she’s not cooking up delicious food at the Bistro, the MACCinator heads over to MACC Charities trasnform into their super-chef at the Community Kitchen which feeds those in need right here in his hometown, Manchester! Before heading back to their den for the night, Bistro MACCinator flies a few rounds around the MACC Food Pantry to make sure the shelves are stocked with nutritious groceries for those who will come the next morning. When the shelves are bare, teh MACC logo can be seen across the sky calling all Mini-MACCinators to assist!

Bistro MACCinator has many superpowers -but we can’t stop food insecurities alone. We needsYOU! Will YOU be a Mini-MACCinator for Manchester? You can donate your time, treasure, or talent to support MACC Charities and the work that they do!

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