Butterfly Stroll Artists Announced

Downtown Manchester will soon be aflutter with fabulous butterflies! We are so excited by the line up of artists who plan to display their art at the Butterfly Stroll on May 22nd from 10am to 4pm. Most of the artwork will be available for purchase after this event. Please use the information provided below to contact the artist directly regarding the purchase of artwork.

As we wait for the official event, take some time to get to know our artists.

Bethany Terzi of Ethereal Stills Photography
Bethany is a photographer who finds inspiration in nature and animals. Bethany utilizes macro close-up photos to bring out the true beauty of nature and create a connection with the viewer.
Bethany’s photographs will be available for purchase (413-478-3526 or etherealstills@gmail.com).
Facebook: Ethereal Stills Photography

Carver Rapp of Twin Dragons Designs
Carver Rapp is an artist and art teacher living and working in Manchester. Carver’s work is primarily sculpture with a variety of materials including ceramics, wood, fiberglass and other materials. The sculptures range in design, from large monolithic outdoor pieces to intricately detailed designs that fit on a shelf.
Carver’s sculpture will be available for purchase (carverrapp@gmail.com).
Facebook: Twin Dragon Designs

Catherine Haugh & Karen Fox of SiS Designs
SiS Designs/Sisters in Spirit is the design team of Catherine Haugh & Karen Fox. Together they create unique jewelry and inspired gift products using a variety of mediums and re-purposed bottles and sea glass. Their repurposed windchime will be available for purchase (SiSdesigns.catherine@gmail.com).
Visit SiS Designs on the Web.
Instagram: @designsis

Charles Wright
Charles is a local photographer with a passion for butterflies. His work has been featured in several local exhibits including the Hall Memorial Library in Ellington.

Christiane OBrien of Crimson ART Box
Christiane is the current Artist in Residence at Center Springs Park here in Manchester. Christiane’s work encompasses a variety of mediums. Christiane’s springtime display will be available for purchase (crimsonartbox@gmail.com).
Facebook: Crimson ART Box

Ctaci & The Manchester Knitters
The Manchester Knitters enjoy knitting, crocheting, spinning and other fiber arts. This group will be Yarn-Bombing an area of Main Street for the Butterfly Stroll.

Dee Volkert
Dee enjoys being creative with whatever materials find their way into her hands with the hope of bring joy to others. Watercolors, wool, embroidery, thrift store treasures, and fairy houses are just a bit of the wonder you would see surrounding her. Dee will be creating an acrylic abstract which will be available for purchase (babcidee@live.com).

Iris Carde of Carde Studios
Iris finds inspiration everywhere. While Iris tends to work with clay and fabric, the art always incorporates “found objects” of many types. Iris’s sculpture will be available for purchase (icarde66@gmail.com).
Facebook: Carde Studios

Isaiah Walter Lee
Isaiah has participated in various local art initiatives. Isaiah works with animated graphic design as well as mixed media canvases. Isaiah’s sculpture will be available for purchase (860-835-4893).

Jaii Marc Renee of Jaii Marc Art
With every stroke of the brush, Jaii Marc Renee opens his heart to the world.  Jaii Marc used painting as a mechanism to channel the difficulties of mental health challenges and views each piece of art as a piece of his heart. His large canvases feature black and white focal points with bold, vibrant pops of color.
Jaii Marc’s acrylic on canvas will be available for purchase (info@jaiimarcart.com).
Visit Jaii Marc Art online.
Facebook: Jaii Marc Art    Instagram:@jaii_marc_art

Jody Wynn Ridiger of Jody Wynn Designs
Jody’s artwork is where fiber art meets storytelling. A longtime Manchester resident, Jody has taught design workshops to all ages throughout the Northeast. Jody’s fiber arts display will be available for purchase (jwrodiger@gmail.com).
Facebook: Jody Wynn Designs

Joyce & Jody Therieault of Jo Joy Art
Joyce and Jody are a mother and daughter team who have combined their artistic skills and names to create Jo Joy Art. They specialize in oil paintings and Giclee prints inspired by nature. Their work is often very detailed canvas paintings, but for the Butterfly Stroll they are presenting a unique three-dimensional piece. The name is “Flutter Bye” and will be available for purchase. (860-573-1360 or joyce@jojoyart.com).
Visit Jo Joy Art online.
Facebook: Jo Joy Art

Kim Desrosiers of Be Brave Art & Design
Kim Desrosiers considers herself a friendly creativity guide-ess! Like many creative types she is more than a bit obsessive, overly passionate and easily carried away by her enthusiasms to experiment with different mediums. Having experienced frustration of a long-term creative block, she rediscovered her creativity more recently in mixed media collage and painting.

One of Kim’s primary enthusiasms is to create sacred space for heart-felt connection where people can come together to explore and express themselves creatively. Her mission is to provide support, guidance and encouragement for the force of creativity that lives inside of us all. In 2014, Kim founded Be Brave Art & Design Studio to offer a variety of art workshops. Kim has years of experience teaching art to children & adults, as well as recreation therapy with the elderly. She is a dedicated mother, prayer warrior and compassionate caregiver for many. Kim resides in Manchester with her spunky Jack Russell Terrier, Lilly, who is always under-foot in her art studio or garden. 

Website: www.bebraveartanddesign.comEmail: bebraveartanddesign@gmail.com

 Instagram: @kimdesrosiers_bebraveart

 Facebook: @bebraveartanddesign

Mickie Bettencourt of Network, Inc.
Mickie is an artist with a passion for recreating discarded items into art. Mickie is also a strong advocate for adults with disabilities and has created the Butterfly installation in collaboration with Network, Inc.  Network, Inc. is a local non-profit which provides services for adults with disabilities. Mickie will be creating a sculpture.
Facebook: Bit of Quirky M. Betten   Instagram: @bitofquirky

Rebecca Maloney of Rebecca Maloney Art
Rebecca creates using paint, collage and mixed media. She is an experienced artist who is currently taking on new commissions. Rebecca’s mixed media collage will be available for purchase (rebeccamaloneyart@gmail.com).
Visit Rebecca Maloney Art online.
Facebook: Rebecca Maloney Art  Instagram: @rebeccamaloneyart

Rita Borden
Rita creates watercolor monotypes inspired by nature. Rita’s watercolor monotype will be available for purchase (rillian.borden@gmail.com).

Robin Simpson of Robin Simpson Designs
Robin Simpson is a local artist who specializes in fused glass creations. Robin’s work is inspired by the beauty and vibrant colors of nature. Robin’s fused glass sculpture will be available for purchase (860-647-0812 or robinsimpsondesign@yahoo.com).
Robin Simpson Design Stained Glass

Sandi Plummer of Heart Art Crafts
Sandi looks at the world with a unique artists eye and is filled with passion for art and a need to create! Sandi’s art features a variety of materials and often takes the form of jewelry and accessories. Sandi’s 2-dimensional collage will be available for purchase (860-794-1997 or sandiskwp@gmail.com).
Facebook: Heart Art Crafts

Stacey Zackin of Galleries at WORK_SPACE
Stacey does not consider herself an “artist” per se, but is artistic and enjoys being creative. She creates hand-designed greeting cards featuring her doodles – which have even been used to illustrate a health and wellness workbook for teens. Stacey also works as a Life & Business Coach and has used her doodles to present professional development workshops to college campuses and fortune 500 companies. Stacey’s butterfly canvas will be available for purchase.

Stella Malota
Stella is an experienced artist with expertise in visual fine arts. In the past Stella participated in the Downtown’s Runner on Main art project. Stella works with a variety of media including fabric and plaster. Stella’s potted spring display will be available for purchase (smalota@gmail.com).

Stephen Sottile of Sottile Etchings
Stephen is a local artist specializing in hand-tinted etchings and original paintings.  Stephen will be creating a mixed-media sculpture which will be available for purchase.