Butterfly Hunt 2021

It’s time for our Butterfly Hunt!

We have decorated some downtown windows with butterflies created by our community members. Come on downtown to check them out!

We have ALSO hidden a few small butterfly cut-outs with clues. These clues will help you solve the challenges below. You may complete all the challenges or only one! Children and adults are welcome to play. However, we’re reserving the prizes for the children. The grand prize will be a $20 Gift Card to the Downtown Business of your choice. We will draw TWO prizes!

  1. Download the Challenge Worksheets (below) or pick them up from the Welcome Tent at the Butterfly Stroll on 5/22.
  2. Complete as many challenges as you would like.
  3. 2 Ways to Win
    1. Drop off your completed worksheets to the Welcome Tent at the Butterfly Stroll and choose a small prize AND be entered into the gift card drawing.
    2. Enter online at the link below by 6pm on 5/23 and be entered into the gift card drawing.

Butterfly Hunt Challenges
Click the challenge names to download the forms!

Butterfly Shape Hunt
Hunt for butterflies and draw the shapes that you find!

Butterfly Riddles
Hunt for butterflies and solve some insect-related riddles!

Butterfly Hunt Hidden Message
Hunt for butterflies and decode our secret message!

Hart Flyer Hunt in the Manchester Mall at 811 Main
Find a Hart Flyer hidden at each of the shops in the mall and practice your colors, too!


CLICK HERE to submit your answers online!