Oh The Places a Photographer Will Go!

During my years as a commercial photographer, I have photographed some very interesting and unusual places.
I documented the progress of the “mole machine” that bored a massive tunnel under the City of Hartford, CT, burying the Park River. At the start of the project, when I reported to the work site, I was told to “go get in the bucket”. The bucket was attached to a crane cable that lifted me and then slowly lowered me down a long shaft to the tunnel floor. Eventually an elevator was installed. My walk through the tunnel became longer and longer each month, as I documented the progress. The tunnel started along the Connecticut River near the Charter Oak Bridge and ended off of Park St. near Sigourney St. The Army Corps of Engineers managed the project that provided flood protection for the city.

Then there was the contract to photograph the construction of the super-max prison; called the Northern Correctional Institution in Somers, CT. I started by photographing an empty lot and each month I documented the progress. As I saw the “pods” taking shape, where prisoners spend 23 hours each day, the job began to make me feel uncomfortable, and I was glad when the project was completed.

On another assignment, I was asked to photograph in a drainage tunnel under the city of Hartford, CT for the Metropolitan District Commission, which is the local water and sewage authority. They were planning an information campaign, explaining a major upgrade project, to their customers. The photos from the first tunnel that I photographed were rejected because the tunnel didn’t look old enough. The next tunnel I photographed was under Franklin Avenue, over a hundred years old, and made of brick. The iron ladder rungs in the man hole had rotted off, so I had to wear a harness and be lowered down on a cable by a winch. I held a flash in my left hand as I photographed an inspector a few feet away. This shot was used as the cover of a brochure. I could go on about the times I had to photograph from the roofs of skyscrapers, despite my fear of heights, but I’ll save that for another post. Meanwhile, I welcome unusual assignments. I am ready to go; with my own hard hat, steel toed boots, and dayglo safety vest !

Tim Becker
Creative Images Photography
901 Main Street
Manchester, CT 06040

Quast Media Relocates to Larger Space in Downtown Manchester

February 6, 2019

Quast Media LLC, a Connecticut-based digital marketing agency and provider of digital technology solutions, is pleased to announce the official relocation of their office in downtown Manchester, CT.

The office space at 935 Main Street, also known as the Watkins Centre building, was most recently occupied by Key Bank and was extensively renovated by Quast Media. Winfried “Vinni” Quast, the company’s founder and president, has led the company to realize strong growth in the past five years, requiring the agency to seek larger facility space to meet the increasing demand for its products and services. “We were very pleased to find suitable office space in the heart of downtown Manchester where our company was founded,” said Quast. “Our new facility will enable us to better serve our clients as we continue to add the cutting-edge digital technologies that have been a founding principle of ours since inception.”

According to Quast, recent technology innovations, coupled with lower hardware costs, have opened the vast array of Quast Media’s digital technology solutions to companies both large and small, and in industry sectors of all kinds. “We now have an increased capacity to create the custom digital solutions our clients rely upon to gain a competitive edge in their respective marketplaces. And with our increased space, dedicated areas for developing our key technologies have all been greatly enhanced,” he said.

About Quast Media LLC
Founded in 2013, Quast Media is a unique digital marketing and technology solutions company that works in an ever-increasing suite of digital technologies such as digital signage hardware and software, custom-created digital content, video and 360-degree video production, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality applications, and 3D Holographic content and display solutions.

The company works in many industry verticals, with specializations in healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace/aviation, nonprofit, education and retail. Learn more at quastmedia.com.

For more information on Quast Media’s products and services, or to make an appointment to tour its facility and experience technology demonstrations, interested companies are invited to email sales@quastmedia.com.

10 Reasons You Should Buy Engagement Rings & Diamond Jewelry From Your Local Jewelers

Downtown Manchester jeweler, Sean Soltanpanah, is proud to be an independent jeweler and offers the following reasons why doing business with a local, independent jeweler is a sound choice. Sean - Sean's Fine Jewelry

  1. Local – Your local jewelers have brick and mortar locations that are privately owned. By supporting them, you are supporting your community.
  2. Education – Independent local jewelers are well trained and educated so their designs and inventories are top notch. They can talk to you and explain about a piece of jewelry. Any good and educated jeweler can design your dream jewelry right front of your eyes.
  3. Loyalty – Your independent local jewelers are very loyal to their customers and community. They would do anything to make their customers happy. If their customers and community thrive, so do they.
  4. Selection – A local jeweler will explain and show you diamond selections in person. You can even touch, feel and compare the gems with each other. Online purchases only give you specifications, not personal previews. In the end when you buy online, you bought something that you never experienced, touched or felt. Your local jeweler will sell you your personalized,  handpicked jewelry.
  5. Insurance – Most local jewelers offer you FREE jewelry cleaning and checkup. Your diamond is insured while your jeweler is working on it but you must insure it after or right at the time of pick-up. Your local jeweler provides you with an Appraisal and Certificate for your diamond so that you can insure your jewelry from that point forward.
  6. Trust – The ability for you to visit your local jewelry store anytime makes independent local jewelers more trustworthy.
  7. Certification – Most people working at independent local jewelers are educated or certified by a Gemological Institute. They will teach and educate you before you purchase your diamond. This will make you more educated about the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat). This will give you assurance & confidence in your selection and purchase.
  8. Assurance – An independent local jeweler will always protect your identity and choice.
  9. Quality – Independent local jewelers tend to carry higher quality jewelry and well-made designer items that cannot be sold online. You can see, touch, test and wear your jewelry at the purchase. When you make an online purchase you cannot see the quality of jewelry, even in a nice picture.
  10. Price -There is an old expression that is still true today “You get what you pay for”. Online stores buy their jewelry and diamonds from the same place as an independent jeweler but may not purchase gems of the same quality.  When you purchase from an independent local jeweler you can be assured you are purchasing high quality jewelry and well cut diamonds.

By Sean Soltanpanah, Owner
Sean’s Fine Jewelry
713 Main Street
Manchester, CT 06040


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