Scarecrow #39

Miss Love, Super Teacher! Created by The Cornerstone Christian School PTFA

Meet Miss Love, Super Teacher! Miss Love has always been an undercover hero – daily educating her students at The Cornerstone Christian School. No one noticed her superpowers as she tirelessly planned and prepared, taught and encouraged, and completed her daily tasks.

 Miss Love can juggle many tasks at once and knows what is happening in her classroom at all times.  She has super ears to hear everything and unbreakable patience.  She is always eager to participate in school activities no matter how silly.  She unleashes children’s superpowers and makes her students smarter every single day!

 Our students and parents have been noticing some superpowers amongst Miss Love and her co-workers recently. Powers that allow them to teach in person and online, to support students of all ability levels, to keep their calm in the greatest of pressures.  The CCS community began to believe that there were heroes in our midst. One superpower made it clear that they ARE superheroes in disguise as teachers! The power of LOVE – God’s love!

 When the world is mixed up and crazy, and far from “normal,” this love is just what our students need! The love of God – flowing through our teachers – overcomes the anxiety of the day and brings peace to our school family. That’s just what we are a – a family – and the dedication and LOVE of Miss Love and her colleagues makes that possible.

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