March 12, 2021
Dear Downtown Food Service Business Owner:
In response to the current pandemic and needs of our businesses, The Town of Manchester is again preparing to allow restaurants to expand outdoor dining this season.
We will be continuing the expedited application process we created last year, requiring a brief application, site layout plan and some other related documentation.  That application is now available and must be submitted online at:  The intent of the process is to allow you to show that your outdoor dining plan meets the requirements of all Town Departments including Health, Building, Zoning and Fire through submission of one application.  There is no fee, you can apply immediately and applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.  It is our goal to process applications quickly so that restaurants that choose to do so are able to open outdoor spaces as soon as possible.  The speed of our review will be dictated by the completeness of the application and how the guidelines are addressed.  We strongly encourage you to apply before April 19 which is when the current Executive Order regulating outdoor dining expires.
A site layout plan is required as part of the application.  To assist with that requirement, we will again provide maps for all Manchester food establishments here: Please feel free to utilize this resource as a starting point for your plan. Engineered and other plans drawn to scale are also welcome and may be required for detail.  You are welcome to submit the same plan as last year if you are not proposing any changes. 
Downtown provides several potential options for additional outdoor dining areas, depending on location.  These include:
  • Bump out areas close to an establishment.
  • Public or private sidewalk areas in front of or next to an establishment.
  • Parking spaces in the right-of-way in front of an establishment. 
  • Off street parking spaces adjacent to an establishment.
Please note that if you wish to serve alcohol to patrons in the outdoor seating area, you will need a State Liquor Permit.   If you do not already have a Patio Dining Liquor Permit you will need to apply for one.  Additionally, any permanent patio installation and/or outdoor entertainment will require additional approvals.  Business owners contemplating either one should contact Senior Planner, Megan Pilla at
Please feel free to reach out to Planning and Economic Development Department staff at 860-647-3044 or to with any questions. 
Downtown Development Specialist, Dan Pesce is also available for Downtown-specific inquiries.  Dan can be reached at 860-647-6021 or at
We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful outdoor dining season.