Downtown District Municipal Broadband

Manchester’s Board of Directors subcommittee has asked its Administration to analyze the feasibility of achieving an economically viable Gig + (that is 1 to 10 billion bits per second and higher) Internet infrastructure in the city.

A very detailed feasibility study examining two dense business areas was worked through by the subcommittee. The Downtown Business District was selected to receive the first attention.  Studies of this type are best completed with an economic demand assessment along with the technical specifications.

A questionnaire has been provided to Property Owners and Residents asking whether they would subscribe to lower cost, higher capacity new Fiber Optic Network links to their Premises (FTTP) if such were available.  The Main Street Map shows the path and premise links for the FTTP bundle to be laid around the Main Street district; you should be able to find the building where you are located on this network.

This effort addresses the current bottleneck in providing higher speed lower cost Fiber To The Premise based Internet Access.  It is a winning combination for all – both community residents and the Industry.

Whether this feasibility analysis holds up under Manchester’s Committee and the Community of the District study is largely a function of the Economic Demand found in the survey you are being asked to respond to.